View a team

Audience: All Difficulty: Medium
Note: None
To view a team, go to the team Web page...

  1. From the "Dashboard" press the team button to access the team Web page.
Discussions forums
Step 1
  1. Depending on your user group, all available discussion forums will be displayed in this section. Press the button for the desired audience to start or view a discussion. If there are new messages, a notification badge will appear at the right of the discussion name.
Last game summary
Step 1
  1. Go to the "Summaries" section and press the "Last game" button to view the summary of the last game.
  2. Look at the three stars of the game.
  3. Read the coach’s notes.
  4. Look the game score box.
  5. Press the icon to view the video sequence of a highlight.
Team games
Step 1
See the "View a game" tutorial for more information about viewing games.
  1. On the team Web page, go to the "Games" section and select the type of game you want to view.
  2. Press the button of the game to access the game Web page.
View actions and statistics
Step 1
  1. On the team Web page, go to the "Actions and statistics" section and press the action name button to view the statistics related to this action.
Step 2
  1. View action statistics summary of each player for all the games of the team.
  2. Press on a player’s name to view the action statistics for each of the team’s games for this player.
Step 3
  1. View player statistics for this action for each of the team’s games.
  2. Press the same player name again to return to the beginning of step 2.
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