Join a team

Audience: Fans, Members, Scouts, Staff, Coaches Difficulty: Easy
Note: None
  1. From the home Web page, go to the "Teams" menu.
Join a team
Step 1
  1. Select the year of the season for the team you want to join.
  2. Then, start typing the name of the team you want to join in the team filter.
  3. When the team appears in the list of teams, press the line with the name of the team you want to join in the list box.
  4. Press the "Send a join team request" or "Become a team fan" button according to the desired action.
Step 2
  1. In the manager list, select the team’s manager name. Many teams can have similar names, so it’s also important to validate the name of the team manager.
  2. If you want, you can type a message for the manager. If you are a scout, it’s where you will present yourself, so the manager can add you to the proper user type in the team and not just reject your request.
  3. Press the "Send" button
Step 3
  1. From your dashboard, validate that your request is pending for approval by the team’s manager or that you are now a fan of the team.