Send a video sequence in a game summary

Audience: Manager, Coaches Difficulty: Easy
Note: None
Sending a video sequence in the highlights of a game summary can be done at any time while watching a video sequence or a period video by pressing the icon in the viewer controls...

  1. Press the icon at any time to send a video sequence to the highlights of a game summary. The video sequence will include the 9 seconds before and the 4 seconds after the exact moment when the button is pressed.
Send a video sequence in a game summary
Step 1
  1. Use the drop-down list to associate the highlight to a player or the team.
  2. Enter the text that will be displayed below the image associated with the highlight in the game summary.
  3. Press the "Register" button to register the highlight or the "Cancel" button to ignore the highlight, the video will then restart.
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