View a player profile

Audience: Manager, Coaches, Staff, Scout Difficulty: Easy
Note: Only the manager, coaches and scouts of the team can access the player profiles. To send a request to be a scout in a team, see the "Join a team" tutorial. To create a player profile see the "Player profile" section in the "Manage a team" tutorial.
On this page
To view a player profile, go to the player profile Web page...

  1. From the "Dashboard" press the team button.
  2. On the team Web page go to the "Players" section and press the player profile button for the coaches or the player button for the scouts.
View a player profile
Step 1
  1. Consult the player’s information summary.
  2. Consult the player’s detailed description provided by the coaches.
  3. Press the icon to watch the video sequence associated to a profile entry.
  4. If desired, repeat point 3 for each profile entry.
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