Manage a player

Audience: Manager, Coaches Difficulty: Medium
Note: To create or assign a new player to your team, see the "Assign a player" section of the "Manage a team" tutorial.
To manage a player, go to the team Web page...

  1. From the "Dashboard" press the team button.
Player personal information
Step 1
  1. On the team Web page, go to the “Players” section and press the player name button.
Step 2
  1. Update the player personal information.
  2. Update the player username. This field has to be the email or cellphone number the player is using or will use in his user account on the Web platform. The accuracy of this field is very important for the player to become one of the team members and use the messaging system.
  3. Press the "Send invitation" button to send an invitation email to the player with the procedure to create his account on the Web platform.
  4. Press the "Register" button to update the information. If the player is only a member of your team and there is not yet a user account associated with the player a "Delete" button will be available. Press the "Delete" button to remove the player from the Web platform.
Player information related to the team
Step 1
  1. Go to the "Players" section and press the player’s team attributes button
Step 2
  1. Transfer the player’s objectives, from the list of available objectives to the list of selected objectives or vice versa. To transfer an objective, press the objective name in the list box and then the arrows between the two list boxes. The objectives must have been created beforehand, see the "Add an objective" section of the "Managing a team" tutorial for more information.
  2. Fill in the player information related to the team.
  3. Indicate if the player is injured or suspended.
  4. Press the "Save" button to update the information.
  5. If the player is no longer part of the team, press the "Remove" button to remove it from the line-up. When a deleted player has played at least one game with the team and its name is associated with actions, its name will still appear in the various actions viewers. The player can be reinstated in the team line-up at any time.
Player profile
The "Player profile" button is only visible to the manager, coaches and scouts of the team. Sending a video sequence to the player’s profile can be done when watching a video sequence or a period video by pressing the icon in the viewer controls .
Step 1
  1. On the team Web page, go to the “Players” section and press the player profile button
Step 1
  1. Press the "Update" button to make changes to the player profile.
Step 2
  1. Press the "Browse" button to locate and choose a photo on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Press the "Upload" button to transfer the file to the server.
  2. Press the "Update" button to modify the information displayed in the player’s profile.
Step 3
  1. Use the profile editing tool to update player information. This description is important for players who want to be drafted or selected, as it allows coaches and scouts to obtain much more information about the qualities of the players.
  2. Enter player strengths.
  3. Enter player weaknesses.
  4. Press the "Save" button to update the information or press the "Delete" button to delete the player’s profile.
Step 4
  1. Press the "View" button to validate the accuracy of the data entered in the player profile, if necessary correct the errors by resuming to step 2.
  2. Press the "Team" back arrow to return to the team Web page.
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