Use the player’s ice time logger

Audience: Manager, Coaches, Staff, Players, Members Difficulty: Medium
Note: To have the right to enter player’s ice time, the manager or coaches must have granted the right to enter actions to members, players and staff, either when accepting the user in the team or in the "Team members" section of the "Team settings" Web page. The user’s rights can be granted or removed at any time, see "Team members" section of the "Configure a team" tutorial. When loggin actions, the clock management uses the same technology as online video games, all team members can manage the clock simultaneously. It’s therefore important to determine beforehand who will be responsible for managing the clock to not generate conflicts.
To log live actions, go to the game Web page...

  1. From the "Dashboard" press the team button.
  2. On the team Web page go to the "Games" section and press the game button.
Player’s ice time logging
Step 1
  1. To enter the player’s ice time, on the game Web page go to the "Actions logging - Live game" section and press the "Accept" button on the "Ice time" line.
  2. Press the "Ice time" button displaying your name.
Step 2
  1. For each period, adjust the clock time according to the length of the period.
  2. For each period, synchronize the start of the video recording by pressing the “Synchronize period - Video start” button (communicating with the team member who is filming the video of the period may be necessary to know when record is pressed).
  3. For each period, synchronize the start of the period by pressing the “Synchronize period - Puck drop" button when the puck drop at the beginning of the period.
  4. To change the period, press the desired period button.
Step 3
  1. Every time the game stops, press pause and synchronize the clock time with the game clock. Restart the clock when the play restarts.
  2. At the start of the period, press the button with the number of the goalkeeper for the game.
  3. Press the number buttons for the players on the ice, individually or by line of forwards or pair of defenses. If a line or pair button is used, the Web platform will automatically remove the players who aren’t part of the chosen line or pair. The coaches must define the lines of forwards and pairs of defenses before the game, see the "Manage a game" tutorial.
  4. When the players on the ice are changing, press the number buttons of the players to remove them or press the "X" button to remove all of them except the goalkeeper or press a line of forwards or a pair of defenses to remove the players from the other lines or pairs, then go to point number 3 to add the new players on ice.
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