Manage a game

Audience: Manager, Coaches, Staff Difficulty: Medium
Note: To manage a game, the game must have been created beforehand. See the "Add a game" section of the "Manage a team" tutorial for more information.
To manage a game, go to the game Web page...

  1. From the "Dashboard" press the team button.
  2. On the team Web page go to the "Games" section and press the game button.
Manage an active game
Step 1
  1. To change the information related to the game or to modify the parameters of the game, press the "Game settings" button, see the "Configure a game" tutorial for more information. The deletion of a game is also carried out from the "Game settings" Web page.
  2. Configure the priority of each of the actions available to the team. If the priority of an action is set to "None", this action won’t be available to the users in the actions logging interfaces.
  3. Configure the lines of forwards and pairs of defenses for game’s line-up and if necessary, assing different numbers and positions to the players specifically for this game.
  4. Define the player’s status for the game ("Yes" if the player is playing or "No" if the player is not playing)
Manage a completed game
Step 1
  1. Press the "Completed" button to update the state of the game and thus maintain the integrity of the data associated with this game.
Step 2
  1. Press the "Edit summary" button to update the game summary, see the "Create the game summary " tutorial for more information.
  2. For each period, upload the video file of the period. Press the "Browse" button to locate and choose the video file on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Thereafter, press the "Upload" button to transfer the file to the Hockey Game Theory servers. Note that this step can take several minutes per period.
  3. Press the "Game segmentation" button to do the action segmentation of your game.
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