Broadcast a game live

Audience: Manager, Coaches, Staff, Players, Members Difficulty: Hard
Note: Live and on-demand broadcasting requires the installation of the "Larix Broadcaster" application on the mobile device with which the live broadcast will be performed. The availability of an effective WiFi, LTE or 3G connection is necessary to have a good video quality. The coaches can also use a tablet during the game to have the live replays. Note that, if the live-streaming application uses your cellular data, charges may apply to your mobile phone bill.
To broadcast a game live, go to the game Web page...

  1. From the "Dashboard" press the team button.
  2. On the team Web page go to the "Games" section and press the game button.
Configure Larix Broadcaster
Note: Go to the "Settings" of your mobile device and choose the Larix Broadcaster application. This step needs to be done only once when installing the Larix Broadcaster application on the mobile device.
Step 1 - Configure the live streaming application
  1. Validate that Larix Broadcaster has access to the photos, to save the videos of the game.
  2. Validate that Larix Broadcaster has access to the microphone.
  3. Validate that Larix Broadcaster has access to the camera.
  4. Press these buttons to access the "Video" and "Record" settings.
  5. Configure the camera resolution to "1280x720".
  6. Set the camera orientation to "Landscape".
  7. Configure the rotation mode to "Lock while broadcasting".
  8. Configure the data bandwidth to 2,000 Kbps or 2,500 Kbps depending on the strength of your internet connection.
  9. Configure the number of frames per second to 30 fps.
  10. Set the keyframe rate to 1 sec.
  11. Validate that Larix Broadcaster is recording the broadcast.
  12. Configure the storage to "Photo Library".
  13. Validate that Larix Broadcaster does not segment your recording into small video sequences.
Broadcast a game live
Important notes
  1. The live broadcast section on the game Web page will only be available from 24 hours before the start of the game to 48 hours after the game ended.
  2. This tutorial assumes that the "Larix Broadcaster" application has already been installed on an iOS or Android device.
  3. Stop a few seconds and restart the video between each of the periods to create one file per period.
  4. Each period video file will be available in the Photos application of the mobile device to be uploaded to the Web platform.
  5. To make it easier for fans to follow the live game, take a visual of the arena scoreboard at the start and at the end of each period, after each goal, at the start of each penalty, etc.
  6. The delay between the live game and the broadcast feed can vary from one place to another depending on the quality of the internet or cellular network, it should range between 10 and 30 seconds.
  7. Live-streaming can be an efficient way to finance the usage of the Hockey Game Theory Web platform by the team, see the "Team financing" tutorial.
Step 1 - Copy the server address
  1. From the mobile device taking the video, go to the Hockey Game Theory Web application and copy the streaming server address.
  2. Press the "OK" button to confirm that the address is available to be pasted into the live streaming application.
Step 2 - Create the connection for the broadcast
  1. From the mobile device taking the video, start the Larix Broadcaster application and press the button on the menu on the right.
  2. Press the "Connections" button.
  3. Press the icon to add a connection.
  4. Press in the URL entry space to display the "Paste" bubble to paste the server address that was previously copied.
  5. Press in the name entry space and enter the name of the game.
  6. Press the "Save" button to save the new connection.
  7. Validate that the connection with the name of the game is selected.
  8. Press the "Settings" back arrow.
  9. Press the "Back" back arrow.
Step 3 - Start broadcasting
  1. Place the tablet or phone in landscape position and press the button to start the live broadcast.
  2. Validate that the connection to the server is well established by looking if the number of Mbps is good.
  3. Press the button to stop the live broadcast at the end of the periods.
  4. Validate that the server connection error notification does not appear.
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