Use the drawing tool

Audience: Manager, Coaches Difficulty: Medium
Note: None
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The drawing tool can be used at any time while watching a video sequence by pressing the icon in the viewer controls…

  1. Press the icon at any time to add a drawing overlay in the video at the time the video is stopped (when the button is pressed).
Use the drawing tool
Step 1
  1. Choose the color of the line.
  2. Choose the width of the line.
  3. Choose whether the line is a straight line or a curve.
  4. Choose if the line is dotted.
  5. Choose if the line ends with an arrow.
  6. Press the icon to delete the last line drawn.
  7. Enter an explanatory note that will be associated with the drawing.
  8. Press the icon to save the drawing or the icon to cancel the recording, the video will then restart.
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