Create an action

Audience: Manager Difficulty: Medium
Note: Actions and custom statistics belong to the manager or coach who created them. They will automatically follow him on all teams in which he will be the manager or a coach on the Web platform. Subsequently, these actions can be used for the actions segmentation of the games. Team and individual goals can also be associated with these actions when configuring up the team.
Create a new action
Step 1
  1. Before adding a custom action, check if one of the standard actions can be used from the help menu: Actions definition.
  2. Go to your "Dashboard" and press the "New action" button.
Step 2
  1. Choose a name for the action, use a short and representative name because it will be used in all the teams in which you will be the manager or coach.
  2. Choose a short code for your action, the short code is used in the buttons of the actions logging interfaces.
  3. Check fast segmentation to use your action in fast segmentation interface, either for live-action segmentation or for action segmentation with online videos. If you want to assign a key to it on your keyboard for quick access, choose a letter.
  4. Check whether your action can be attributed to a pair of defenses or a line of forwards in addition to individual players and the team.
  5. Check if your action can be attributed to the opponent, if this option is chosen, your team performance statistics related to this action will be available following the data entry.
  6. Check standalone logging only when the action is really complex and requires special attention when used in live action segmentation interface
  7. Characterize your action more specifically to obtain better information related to the performance of your team. Use the tooltip Tooltip available in the description of this section to see an example of the specific inputs of an existing classic action on the Web platform
  8. Press the "Register" button to save your custom action. Your custom action will be available in all the teams for which you will be the manager or coach