Improve your team

First, the game must remain a game. So, by accepting to coach a hockey team, you are fostering the responsibility to promote the pleasure of playing, because young players must above all enjoy the game and have fun. However, at Hockey Game Theory we believe that in all sports activities and more particularly in hockey, it is necessary to have a context conducive to development and improvement to truly appreciate the practice of sport.
Hockey is, according to us, the most beautiful sport in the world, the people who practice it must be talented, intelligent, fast, energetic and above all have the skills to understand tactics, systems and playing strategies of the opponent. Obviously, they must also be able to understand their roles in the team and perform them to the best of their abilities. To properly teach all the aspects of the game to all team members, coaches must be good analysts, good strategists, have good imaginations, and most importantly, they must be excellent communicators.
Our platform aims to give hockey coaches several tools to achieve their goals, from the simple counting of shots at goal to the in-depth analysis of match videos through the creation of lessons and individual and team objectives. The Hockey Game Theory Web platform is designed to help coaches in all aspects of their mission, regardless of their level and knowledge of the sport.
Improve your team with the Hockey Game Theory Web platform by:

  • Using videos from your games to better analyze all the aspects of the game
  • Segmenting the actions that you want to dissect to better understand the improvements to be made
  • Create your lessons with drawing directly on the video extracts to share the team systems with all the members
  • Taking the ice time of your players to be able to watch sequences of some players in particular
  • Defining team objectives in order to increase the common knowledge of players
  • Defining individual goals to improve the skill of all players and leverage players abilities
  • Using discussion forums with integrated video clips to teach each player individually
  • Communicating and involving other coaches and team members to improve your strategies
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