Finance your team

There is a very important responsibility that systematically comes with the task of coaching a hockey team: the funding of their team’s annual activities.
In its mission, Hockey Game Theory aims to make available to hockey coaches a professional-caliber tool to improve their teams at the lowest possible cost, as well as to provide a fundraising tool for team operations. Selling fan cards is a great way to finance the team’s annual activities. The sale of fan cards also provides credits to the team account on to the Web platform and those credits can be uses by all team members including coaches, staff, players and even parents.
Each fan card issued has a unique code associating it with a player and the team, allowing perfect control and visibility of the fundraising campaign by the team manager. A card tracking system is available in the summary to track the number of cards registered and to ensure that there is no fraud associated with the financing campaign.
Only cards registered on the platform by buyers will be billed to the team. When paying cards billed to the team, the credits associated with the card for the use of the Web platform will then be transferred to the team. If the supporter does not register their card, the team will not be billed, and usage credits will not be transferred.
In addition, Hockey Game Theory offers you the possibility of printing supporters cards several times depending on the sales of each member and the interest of players or parents to get involved in the fundraising campaign. There is, however, a maximum number of unregistered cards that a team may have in circulation.
How to lower the cost per player for the hockey season?
Here is a detailed example of the steps and specifics of a fundraising campaign for your team using the Hockey Game Theory Web platform for:

  • The team manager offers parents this funding method and determines the parameters of the fundraising campaign, that is the cost of the cards and the number of cards per player.
  • The cost of the fan cards is variable, but the ratio is always 1 GB per $ 1, allowing the supporter to view approximately 1 game per 1 GB. The cost options are $ 5, $ 10, $ 15 or $ 20 per fan card.
  • Fan cards can be used with any team that is configured to accept fans.
  • When a fan enters the card’s code, they are automatically added as a supporter to your team.
  • The distribution of income from the sale of supporters’ cards is as follows:
    • A minimum of 50% of the income from the sale of cards remains with the team
    • 50% of the cost of the registered cards is charged to the team (plus taxes)
    • A minimum of 1% of the cost of the redeemed cards is credited to the team at the redeem time
  • An example for a team of 15 players who have chosen to sell 10 cards at $ 10 per player:
    • Income from the sale of 150 cards = $ 1,500 (cash)
    • Cost of 150 cards recorded = $ 750 plus taxes (maximum to be paid by the team to Hockey Game Theory)
    • Profit from the sale of 150 cards = $ 750 minus taxes (minimum, if 100% of the cards are registered on the Web platform)
    • Credits transferred to the team when registering 150 cards corresponding to a minumum of 150 GB of data to be used on the platform by all team members.
We believe that a fundraising campaign using the Hockey Game Theory Web platform is the best way to fund your team because of the following benefits:

  • Creates a certain liquidity for the operations of the team.
  • Allows fans to follow their favorite hockey players and teams.
  • Allows supporters to actively contribute to the development of young players by giving them access to a professional-caliber development tool.
  • Allows supporters to view videos made available by the team.
  • Allows fans to buy more cards or credits after the first card data are exhausted and continue to contribute to the team during the hockey season.
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